This is the first real 3D dive simulation for mobile devices! Take a virtual dive to the famous Zenobia wreck. Zenobia is located in Larnaka, Cyprus, and is considered as one of the top 10 wrecks worldwide. Explore it in a stunning underwater environment with captivating music and undeniably impressive graphics. It can proudly said that is have one of the best diving simulators.
EXPLORE THE SEA WORLDAs you are diving around the impressive wreck, fish are constantly surrounding you! Each fish you see around you can be tapped and a real info about that species will appear on the screen. Also in the info section of the app, in the 3d book, you can see the most complete marine species list. All biological data where self collected via scuba diving, validated and first published in an Oceanographic conference.
IMPRESSIVE SETTING, STUNNING WRECKZenobia is indeed a stunning wreck. You will be amazed by the detailed environment and the elements of the wreck. The scuba simulator and exploration of the wreck, together with the underwater gear and dive computer, will help you grasp the concepts of real diving!
PLAN YOUR NEXT SCUBA DIVEZenobia’s diving simulator is made in a realistic way which includes above all, an intelligent dive computer that keeps track of the hazards of scuba diving, such us drowning, oxygen toxicity, and risk of decompression sickness. You get a feedback of everything that happens during the dive, and all the data are saved in a form of a 3D dive route where you can easily access anytime or share it with your scuba diving friends.
SCUBA DIVE SIMULATOR:ZENOBIA FEATURES:- Choose up to 3 different gasses from 21% to 99% Oxygen (backgas nitrox is offered as In app Purchase)- explore Zenobia wreck in a 3d replica of the dive site- explore the underwater sea life that occurs at the Zenobia wreck (based on scientific research)- save your dive routes in 3D and share them with your dive buddies- included an e-book about the story of Zenobia wreck and the marine life!
CALCULATIONS:- Nitrogen exposure levels using the Bühlmann decompression algorithm- No Deco limit (NDL)- Central Nervous System toxicity (CNS)- Decompression with the equivalent deco gasses- Gasses consumption- Gasses end of dive prediction- Maximum Operating Depth (MOD)- Dive route distance- Decompression Sickness prediction……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Don’t just enjoy the diving, get educated about the sea world.See why this app is one of the most critically acclaimed scuba diving simulators for Android.At the link below you can read the app's review by, one of the top review sites in Japan查看链接» calculations are in metric system. ** Please note this is an app to help plan real dives - NOT A GAME!*** This app uses video ads. You have to watch a video 15-25 seconds long to make a free dive. For every dive, you have to watch one video adv. There is also a paid version without video ads and all tanks unlocked.*** THIS APP DOES NOT USE ADS, NO IN APP PURCHUSES, AND ALL TANKS ARE UNLOCKED.