Manage your very own factory to feed the very hungry god emperor. Will he ever get full? Who knows.
HIGHLIGHTS✔ No pop up ads! We hate them as much as you do✔ The ultimate incremental cooking game✔ Tons of upgrades to get more food and characters faster✔ Earn coins from your factory while offline✔ Grow your tower as high as possible!✔ Build your empire! Cook cook COOK COOK!!
THE STORYLegend has it there is a god emperor who floats on the top of a tower... if you satisfy his hunger you will gain riches beyond your wildest dreams.
OFFLINE PROFITSThe tower will generate coins while you are away - use the money you earn to cook even more food!
HOW TO PLAYCook food to feed the god emperorYour cooks fry up fine cuisine and throw it onto a conveyor belt which leads to a tube that goes straight into the god emperor’s mouth!Use money earned to upgrade the food or grow your tower even higher.
A VICIOUS CYCLEAs you cook more and more food, the god emperor will give even more coins to you!
NO POP UP ADSWhat are you waiting for? Unlike many other idle clicker games, Cooking People has no pop up ads! Download this game now and witness the best cooking game ever!