Completely free (no charging) of your local character game
Easy Puzzle & collection!
[Limited] - release bonus being carried out -
Popular of Yuru-Chara in Japan appeared as a game partner!
Japanese Idol Yufu Terashima appeared in the guide character,
Can you boost the game the main voice Maiko Irie voice actor is in charge!
▼StoryGreat Satan of fear from heaven Gotochi history in 1999 is ...Here, city Yuru-Chara we live in peace "Pop the World"Suddenly, the Great Satan "Babur" appears fuss! !Great Satan ... that quickly and disappear by kidnapping the character us.In order to help the Yuru-Chara, your adventure begins.
▼ How to PlayWithin 60 seconds, it will turn off the bubble Play the Botchi-kun (ball)!Score fraction is off, it'll can help the character advances adventure!I aim for a high score by using the skills and Ferver very well!
▼And good command of a variety of skills!→Various skills for issuing a high score appeared!Combination will find a skill that suits them so customizable well as the free and strengthening!
▼Let's to compete the score Chara us and friends in cooperation with Twitter!→It is possible to compete in the rankings with your local character and friends that are mutual follow in Twitter!Let's aim for a high score so as not lose to everyone!
▼ Aim! Yuru-Chara Master!→ you can win different title Clearing the character puzzles and specific conditions!Number of puzzles more than 400 sheets